Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado

Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado

15 Phrasal Verbs C1 para lucir como un nativo (II)

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Hoy volvemos con 15 phrasal verbs C1 o nivel avanzado. El primer volumen de 15 phrasal verbs C1 triunfó bastante en nuestros cursos intensivos de speaking. Así que, what are you waiting for?

Las siguientes phrasal verbs C1 nivel avanzado van acompañadas de la traducción en castellano, una definición en inglés y un ejemplo en una frase.

Sin más dilación, empecemos.

15 Phrasal verbs C1 o Nivel avanzado

Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado: 1.Agree with (sentar bien)

Affect – usually used in the negative to show that something has had a negative effect, especially if it makes you feel bad.

Example: I feel terrible. That food didn’t agree with my stomach.

Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado: 2. Back out (echarse para atrás)

Fail to keep an arrangement or promise.

Example: He backed out two days before the holiday so we had to sell his ticket.

Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado: 3. Carry on (seguir, proseguir, continuar)


Example: Carry on quietly with your work until the substitute teacher arrives.

Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado: 4. Dig into (investigar a fondo)


Example: The detective started digging into the suspect’s past.

Phrasal verbs nivel avanzado: 5. Feel up to (tener ganas de hacer algo)

Have energy for and feel capable of doing something.

Example: I’m so tired. I don’t think I feel up to going out tonight.

Phrasal verbs: 6. Get ahead (salir adelante, progresar)

Progress and be successful.

Example: Nowadays, you need IT skills if you want to get ahead in the job market.

Phrasal verbs: 7. Hook up with (ponerse en contacto/quedar y ponerse al día)

Meet and hang out with someone.

Example: I hooked up with my highschool friends at the wedding.

Phrasal verbs: 8. Jaw away (parlotear)

Talk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say.

Example: That shows that your interest is not in helping the student, but in jawing away.

Phrasal verbs: 9. Kick in (hacerse efectivo, empezar a surtir efecto)

Go into effect. Become operational. Also used with any kind of drugs when their effects start.

Example: Next year the new taxes kick in. / Her hayfever stopped when the antihistamine kicked in.

Phrasal verbs: 10. Stem from (surgir de)

Come or originate from.

Example: Most of our problems stem from a lack of self-esteem.

Phrasal verbs: 11. Take on (contratar)

Hire. Employ.

Example: That company is taking on new workers.

Phrasal verbs: 12. Nail down (determinar, precisar)

Succeed in getting, achieve.

Example:  They are having trouble nailing down the contract.

Phrasal verbs: 13. Point out (mostrar-señalar)

Direct attention toward something (fact, idea, information).

Example: Experts have pointed out that eating too much sugar is extremely unhealthy.

Phrasal verbs: 14. Muddle through (apañárselas)

Reach a goal despite lack of knowledge.

Example: We’ll just have to muddle through as best as we can.

Phrasal verbs: 15. Drift along (vivir sin rumbo)

Live without purpose .

Example: Gary drifts along without any aims; he’ll never amount to anything.


Bueno, hasta aquí nuestras phrasal verbs nivel avanzado por día de hoy. Recuerda que la mejor forma de aprenderlas es practicándolas en tus speakings y writings.


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