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Idioms en inglés con comida frases hechas

Idioms en inglés con comida: frases hechas

Enjoy you meal!

Idioms en inglés con fruta

Las siguientes expresiones idiomáticas en inglés utilizan de forma figurativa algún tipo de fruta, normalmente haciendo referencia a algo negativo aunque, a veces, también a aspectos positivos.

Expresiones idiomáticas en inglés

Grape and bananas idioms

Idioms con apple (manzana)

  • apple of someone’s eye – the object of a person’s affection or regard; a greatly cherished person or thing (la niña de mis ojos, en español)
  • apple polisher – a person who attempts to gain favor through flattery (un pelota, en español)
  • bad apple – a troublesome or despicable person; a negative or corrupting influence on others (mala hierba, en español)
  • Big Apple – New York City
  • compare apples to oranges – used as the type of two things that are inherently different or incompatible, usually in contexts implying that a given comparison is invalid (¿qué tienen que ver los co**nes con comer trigo?, en español ;))
  • How do you like them apples? something that you say to show you are surprised or disappointed by somethingthat has happened: «So Marilyn has moved to Florida? Well, how do you like them apples!» (¿Qué te parece? en español)
  • The apple never falls far from the tree. – a person inevitably shares traits with or resembles his or her parents or family («De tal palo, tal astilla», en español)
  • upset the apple cart – to ruin a plan or event by surprise or accident («Inflamar los ánimos» en español).

Idioms con plátanos/bananas

  • to go bananas/nuts – go crazy, mad, or wild with excitement, anger, frustration, or another strong emotion («estar como una cabra», en español)
  • to drive bananas – to cause to go crazy, mad, or wild with excitement, anger, frustration, or another strong emotion

Idioms con cerezas

  • Life is just a bowl of cherries – proverb meaning that life is easy and uncomplicated

Idioms con uvas

  • sour grapes – when a person is heard to disparage something which it is suspected he would be glad to possess if he could; expressing complaints or accusations because someone is jealous

Vegetable Idioms

Igual que en las expresiones coloquiales con fruta en inglés, ésta se utilizan tanto con connotación positiva como negativa.

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«Como si tal la cosa»

Idioms with beans

  • not know beans – to not to know something; to be not well informed
  • to spill the beans – to reveal a secret or talk about something private

Carrot Idioms

  • carrot and stick – an enticement, a promised or expected reward («La política del palo y la zanahoria», «una de cal, otra de arena», en español)

Cucumber Idioms

  • cool as a cucumber – relaxed and non-emotional, not anxious

Olive Idioms

  • olive branch – something offer in peace or goodwill

Pea Idioms

  • like two peas in a pod – two things that are very similar; extremely similar; indistinguishable («como 2 gotas de agua», en español)

Pickle Idioms

  • in a pickle – a tight spot or difficult situation

Potato Idioms

  • couch potato – a very lazy person; someone who does not engage in a lot of physical activity
  • hot potato – a very sensitive and controversial subject; something that is difficult to deal with

Baked Good Idioms

El uso figurativo de dulces de repostería como las galletas, tartas, pasteles y demás deliciosos tipos de postre en los idioms en inglés casi siempre tienen un toque de humor.

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«Pan comido»

Bun Idioms

  • to have a bun in the oven – to be pregnant

Butter Idioms

  • to butter one’s bread on both sides – to be wasteful or luxurious
  • to butter someone up – to flatter someone, especially if you want to obtain something

Cake Idioms

  • nutty as fruitcake – crazy
  • a piece of cake – something easy or pleasant
  • to sell like hot cakes – to sell quickly or in large quantities
  • to take the cake – to carry off the honors, rank first; often used ironically or as an expression of surprise
  • You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. – proverb meaning you can’t have it both ways

Cookie Idioms

  • one sharp cookie – someone who is not easily fooled or deceived
  • one tough cookie – someone who is self-confident and ambitious and will do what is necessary to achieve what they want
  • That’s the way the cookie crumbles – that is how the position resolves itself; that is the way it is

Pie Idioms

  • to eat humble pie – to be humbled, to admit one’s errors
  • finger in the pie – to participate in something that is happening
  • as easy as pie – something that is very easy

Icing Idioms

  • icing on the cake – an extra benefit that makes a good situation even better

Pudding Idioms

  • to have pudding in the oven – to be pregnant
  • the proof is in the pudding – a phrase that means that the quality of something can only be shown by putting it to its intended use
  • not worth a pudding – of little or no worth


  • suggar daddy – rich older male lover
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«viejo con pasta»

Esperemos que todos estos idioms en inglés os hayan inspirado y os hayan dado que pensar – lo que en inglés llamamos Food for thought-. Recuerda que usar idioms en inglés da caché a tu nivel hablado y escrito y es un truco muy útil para hablar como un nativo.

También te recomendamos estas 9 expresiones con colores que debes conocer para hablar como un nativo.


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En lo que pensar seriamente

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