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Reading Trinity ISE III


Hi folks!. Hoy os entregamos ésta maravillosa entrada del Reading Trinity ISE III que hemos  elaborado para poder practicar el reading de ésta parte de la prueba. No sé vosotros pero a parte de lo que ofrece Trinity College en su página y de los pocos libros que hay, no conocemos muchos más exámenes con los que practicar on-line. En su momento os habíamos dejado partes del Speaking Trinity ISE III para haceros una idea de cómo es y en qué consiste ésta parte, hoy toca leactuuuura.

Descubre cómo triunfar en el speaking Trinity ISE III: la parte colaborativa

Task 1 Reading Trinity ISE III – Long reading

La dos tareas del Reading Trinity consisten en leer un texto de unas 800 palabras aproximadamente sobre un tema en concreto y contestar a las siguientes 30 preguntas que se te van a plantear basadas en la lectura. En el Salón de Idiomas hemos elaborado éste texto a partir de varios artículos en Internet sobre la misma temática. Podrás encontrar las respuestas al final de cada pregunta en color azul clarito. 

You are going to read about social media influencers and the new kind of marketing they create.

Read the text below and answer the 15 questions that follow.

Paragraph 1

In recent years, the popularity of social networks has seen the emergence of the social media influencer (SMI). Influencers have large followings on social networks, and are often hired by companies to promote their brands. They have built a reputation for their prowess and expertise on a particular topic. By making regular posts about a topic on their favourite social media channels, SMI generate large followings of enthusiastic engaged people who pay close attention to their views. It’s therefore an irksome truth universally acknowledged that influencers make big bucks on social networks. All it takes is one shot of a lithe-limbed, photogenic blogger reclining on a sun lounger, sporting some little-known brand alongside the obligatory tag #spon or #patrocinadopor. Depending on their following, this person could be making hundreds from just one, supposedly “candid” photograph.

  • Paragraph 2

Brands are consequently moving towards the influential people rather than the target market as a whole. This new marketing identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months. This is actually opposite of what’s happening with television right now, on which commercials have officially become background noise. Think on your own life. When was the last time a commercial came on and you didn’t pull out your phone? The only difference is that now, as you scroll through your Instagram feed, you are still seeing advertisements.

Paragraph 3

Whilst the persuasive power of social media influencers shoots up, technologies have been developed to identify and track the influencers’ relevance to a brand or organization. Most of these efforts to identify these influencers rely on factors such as the number of daily hits on a blog, number of times a post is shared, or number of followers. Clearly, for not breaking their social media success, influencers need to have skills in mastering the art of posting frequency. If they post too infrequently, their audience will forget that they exist and they will quickly fade into the deep dark recesses of their minds. Conversely, if a SMI is posting too often, he/she will become a complete nuisance and he/she will dread seeing their posts overcrowding his feed.

  • Paragraph 4

Interestingly, marketing grew out of celebrity endorsement. Businesses have found for many years that their sales usually rise when a celebrity promotes or endorses their product. Long before social media, and even before broadcast commercials, businesses have partnered with celebrities and high-profile stars to promote products and add credibility to their brands. There are still many cases of businesses, particularly high-end brands, using celebrities as influencers. However, one problem with using celebrities as influencers is if they may mismatch and lack credibility with a product’s target audience. Justin Bieber may be highly influential if he recommended a type of acne cream, but would have little chance of influencing the buying patterns of those looking for a retirement village.

Paragraph 5

Therefore, a lot plays into how much a influencer is successful, appeals a brand or gets paid. They need to have a strong relationship with their followers, be likeable and credible. This works because what we see on Instagram often reflects everyday life; the makeup, clothes and products that are frequently posted are not ads on TV — they are real people really using the products. This shows that people are choosing to listen to each other over brands. Most of the users believe that influencers know what they are talking about; they have tight-knit communities and can reach many people. It at least feels more authentic when we are seeing the product being used by people we admire or trust. For an influencer, being concerned about their followers isn’t vanity, it’s business.

Source texts: theodysseyonline, researchgate, forbes, influencemarketinghub, powerdigitalmarketing,

Questions 1-5 (one mark per question)

The text on the previous page has 5 paragraphs (1-5). Choose the best title for each paragraph from A-F below and write the letter (A-F) on the lines below. There is one more title than you need.







A.      Influencer marketing gold rush

B.      The perfect prescription for traffic

C.      Dawn of the social media influencer

D.      Central marketing strategy

E.      First trendsetters

F.      Social media lacks credibility

Answers: 1-C, 2-A, 3-B, 4-E, 5-D

Questions 6-10 (one mark per question)

Choose the 5 statements from A-H below are TRUE according to the information given in the text above. Write the letters of the TRUE statements on the lines below (in any order).


6.   ………………………………

7.   ………………………………

8.   ………………………………

9.   ………………………………

10. ………………………………

A. Brands are swerving their marketing strategies.

B. There has been an uprising of TV commercials.

C. If a Social Media Influencer posts too often he will avoid congestion on his feed.

D. Influencers make a living by advertising.

E. Influencers are engaged in a community.

F. Celebrity endorsements can be a gamble for businesses.

G. It does not take much to become successful on social media nowadays.

H. Much of the engagement and loyalty is due to the influencer manageable following counts.

Answers (just the true statements): A, D, E, F, H

Questions 11-15 (one mark per question)

Complete sentences 11-15 with a word, phrase or number from the text (maximum 3 words). Write the word, phrase or number on the lines below.

11. Influencers are known for their ……………………………………… creating tight-knit communities and reaching followers.

12. It can be extremely ………………………… for the influencer when he lacks credibility and loses audience.

13. With a famous person’s ……………………………brands become more accesible to crowds of people.

14. When they post their photos on Instagram, Social Media Influencers (SMI) …………………….. brands alongside their stories.

15. Lately different strategies and technologies have been used to ………………………………………….

Answers: 11 prowess, 12 irksome, 13 endorsement, 14 tag, 15 to identify and track the influencers’ relevance to a brand

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Task 2 Reading Trinity ISE III – Multi-text reading

In this section there are 4 short texts for you to read and 15 questions for you to answer.

Questions 16-20 (one mark per question)

Read questions 16-20 first and then read texts A, B, C and D below the questions. As you read each text, decide which text each question refers to. Choose one letter, A, B, C or D and write it on the lines below. You can use any letter more than once.

Which text:

16.  discusses the impact of social media behaviour in our lives?

17.  suggests that the act of kindness  is essencial?

18.  depicts how people can differ in their usage of social media?

19.  informs about requierements for being a social media influencer

20.  illustrates negatively the social media

Answers: 16  Text B and C, 17  Text A, 18 Text C, 19  Text D, 20 Text A



We all know that everyone is a product of their environment. Circumstantial life events, influences, and surroundings can further change our behavior. Social media already highly influences our shopping, relationships, and education. But how large of a role does networking through social media play into our lives? Maybe more than any of us realize.

We like to think that we are largely in control of our day-to-day lives, yet most of what we do, from what we eat to who we sleep with, and even the way we feel, is significantly influenced by those around us’ and those around them, and those around them. Our actions can change the behaviors, the beliefs, and even the basic health of people we’ve never met. In a subtle fashion, social networks help spread contagions; create “epidemics” of obesity, smoking and substance abuse, disseminate fads and markets, alter voting patterns, and more.

Social networks can harbor a flow of generally undesirable things such as anger and sadness, unhappiness, but good things also flow like happiness, love, altruism, and valuable information. “It is the spread of the good things that vindicates the whole reason we live our lives in networks,” Christakis says. “If I was always violent to you … you would cut the ties to me and the network would disintegrate. In a deep and fundamental way, networks are connected to goodness, and goodness is required for networks to emerge and spread.”

Source: Search Engine Land


Juliet: Recently an influencer asked me to stay at my hotel for free. Why on God’s name would I do that?

Tom: Yes! Some of them promise an Instagram post in return for staying at a chic city hotel. You can earn lots of direct bookings.

Annette: I find that appalling! Staying in one of those fabulous beds, using lovely amenities, giving housekeeping something to sweep up after, is not “free” to that hotel. Especially not in peak season.

Judy: Come off it! If you had 1 million followers you would dare as well for such request.

Nelson: Yes, I also think that it is a way of profit for the two of you, the Instagrammer’s posts can convert into bookings for customers.

Marion: I guess many of your paying guests kindly Instagram and tweet the hotel as it is. You don’t need an “influencer”.

Victor: Besides, that “post” on Instagram should be aimed to the right potential guests otherwise it’s not of much relevance or value.

Kiesha: Don’t forget that potential collaborators is time-consuming for hotels and PR & Marketing departments.


gráfica reading trinity ise 3

  • Each generation seems to be looking for different social media content.
  • The general trend of unfollowing an influencer on social media across all age groups is because of annoying content.
  • Much spam causes 29% Baby boomers to take direct action and opt-out.
  • Hardly 7% of millenials are likely to unfollow because of offensive content.
  • Just a 6% of all age groups do not respond to why they unfollow.
  • Millennials unfollow because they had a bad experience (21%) or because they found a brand’s social marketing annoying (22%)
  • Gen Xers are nearly 20% more likely than the other generations to unfollow a brand that says something offensive or in opposition to their personal beliefs.



Michael Kors is always interested in hearing from talented, globally-minded individuals with a passion for fashion. If you enjoy working in a creative, fast-paced environment, then we would love to hear from you!

Social Influencer Associate Manager

Department: Social Media

Location: New York, NY

Job Summary

The Social Influencer Associate Manager is a highly motivated individual with a passion for Social Media, deep love of the fashion industry, and knowledge of the blogger and influencer landscape. This role will serve as a “gatekeeper” for all influencer partnerships globally, acting as a brand steward in evaluating and strategically selecting partners to tell the Michael Kors brand story on partner channels. This person will be responsible for identifying, developing and maintaining relationships with bloggers, influencers, stylists, tastemakers, “it girls”, and their agents and teams when relevant. Additionally, this person will be challenged with creating forward-thinking approaches to influencer marketing, including press or relevant innovative third-party partnerships to cultivate awareness, reach, credibility, affinity, loyalty, and community.


  • 2 – 4 years of Digital Media experience (ideally PR, Marketing and / or Social Media-specific experience)
  • Within Digital Media experience – must have specific Blogger / Influencer experience
  • A creative problem solver: must be able to distill goals and objectives and align strategies and tactics to meet them
  • Proven track record of effectively managing budget
  • Experience negotiating with outside partners (talent, agents, vendors, etc.)

Source: stylecareers

Questions 21-25 (one mark per question)

Choose five statements A-H below that are TRUE according to the information given in the texts above.

Write the letters of the TRUE statements on the lines below (in any order).

21. …………….

22. …………….

23. …………….

24. …………….

25. …………….

A.      Some social media influencers (SMI) tend to exhibit unappropiate behaviour.

B.      All SMI must be bloggers.

C.      Social Media can deeply influence our lives.

D.      Asking for a free hotal room instead of a post on social media is legitimate.

E.       Social networks spread just negative beliefs.

F.       It’s easy to cut off from negative influence por Social Media.

G.     Some Instragrammers can be cheeky just becuase they have plenty of followers.

H.      One main requierement for being a SMI is to know how to socialize.

Answers: A true, B, false, C true, D false, E false, F true, G true, H true

Questions 26-30 (one mark per question)

The summary notes below contain information from the texts above. Find a word or phrase from texts A-D to complete the missing information in gaps 26-30. Write your answers on the lines below.

Summary notes


Social media


The impact on individuals and society:

·encouragement on adverse beliefs and behaviour

dissemination of (26)……………….

negative impact on society e.g. alter voting patterns

requierement of (27)…………………

Requirements for being a SMI:

·         being creative problema solver e.g. (28)……………………..

·         passion for (29)………………………….

·         ability to e.g. convert posts into hotel (30)……………………………..

Answers: 26 fads and markets, 27 goodness, 28 be able to distill goals and objectives and align strategies and tactics to meet them, 29 social media, 30 bookings.

Hasta aquí la parte del Reading Trinity ISE III, ahora os dejamos unos temas de Reading into writing y el Extended writing para que los hagáis en casa. Los que sois alumnos del Salón de Idiomas, traedlos hechos para corregir ¡seguro que estarán súuper bien! 🙂

That’s it folks! Enough of reading Trinity!

Estad atentos a nuestras actualizaciones pues en breve subiremos más posts sobre los writings del Trinity ISE III.


TASK 3 – Reading into writing

Use the information from the four texts you have read to write an essay (200-230) giving your opinion on the topic:  «The emergence of the Social Media Influencer  and whether it should be considered a job or not».

TASK 4 – Extended writing

You have recently read an article in a newspaper titled: «Being rude on the Internet is more and more commonplace».  Write a letter (200-230 words) to the newspaper in order to give your opinion on the topic.

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