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Reading C1: matching headings

Reading C1

El reading es una parte fundamental en cualquier examen oficial de inglés. Uno de los tipos de lectura que más se repiten en una variedad de exámenes como en el Advanced (CAE) o Proficiency de Cambridge, Trinity ISE III/IV, IELTS o Aptis Advanced, es la que vamos a tratar hoy en el Salón de Idiomas: matching headings reading o paragraph heading reading.

Matching Headings Reading

Consiste básicamente en asignar un título/introducción (headline/heading), que suele ser una frase, a los párrafos que se te asignan en el examen. Suele haber un título demás que hay que descartar. Según el nivel, puede requerir más o menos tiempo hacer el ejercicio, sin embargo, no es una tarea fácil. Tanto los párrafos como los headlines/headings se suelen parecer entre ellos y eso puede confundir. No obstante, con práctica se aprende a hacer el matching heading reading rápido.

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Ejemplo de Matching Headings Reading

Para que practiques éste tipo de lectura, te dejamos un modelo de reading con headings/headlines de un nivel C1 alto, parecido al reading Aptis Advanced, reading Trinity ISE III o reading Proficiency. Si tienes dudas relacionadas con el vocabulario, espera hasta el final. Intenta sacar información relevante del contexto mientras hagas el ejercicios y sólo al final, tras realizar el reading, puedes consultar en diccionarios las palabras que te hayan resultado difíciles.

Matching Headings Reading  exercise C1/C2:

List of headings

A daily grindWorkplace fulfills a fundamental needHigh likelihood of less willpower to workBoost the confidence of the workerLess distraction and higher commitmentA tough combinationHome-working is on the ball


#1 Heading

According to a recent survey, working from home is an idea whose time has come. Apparently, we are all queuing up to not get the bus, but to carry our favourite coffee mug upstairs and cosy up with the laptop. The overwhelming reason given by those questioned was that they could be much, much more efficient if they worked from home. I can see the obvious advantages but, believe me, working from home is not just inefficient, it is impossible.

#2 Heading

You may have a dedicated study in which you can barricade yourself against the general mayhem that is family life, but many people do not. The other awkward truth about home-working is that if, like me, you suffer from the least defect of motivation, you are placing yourself in the grip of mental agony. First there are the households chores you really should do, and then there’s that fascinating radio programme …

#3 Heading

When I gave up and found a cheap office-share with other self-employees my life improved a hundredfold. I discovered that a distinct break between work and home was crucial for psychological health. When I was at work, I could focus on my task; once I was at home, I could devote myself to the domestic routine.

#4 Heading

Work is a gateway to a social network, to friends, to a community. In a world of increased individualism and globalisation, many of us are seeking a sense of belonging somewhere or to someone. On a personal level, the search for belonging takes people to internet chat rooms and clubs, to coffee shops-and to work. Work seems to offer a ready-made community. Phychologically speaking, it satisfies our basic instinct to relate to other individuals, and to society.

#5 Heading

I realized that there is something profoundly depressing about working at home. It’s as if you haven’t got a proper job. Most of us gain self-esteem from our identity as a working person, but there can be no such benefit if the work takes place in social isolation. Indeed, working for the majority is quite clearly not the soul-destroying prison it is sometimes perceived to be.

#6 Heading

However, there are problems where the work culture involves long hours, and people will always need to strike the right balance between work and home. Behind the fanfare surrounding a new report on work-life balance lies a truth about the contradictions we all face in juggling home and the workplace. One of the reasons why balancing and «life» is so difficult is that work, for many of us, is so appealing.

Las respuestas las puedes encontrar al final de éste artículo.

Answers: 1-G, 2-C, 3-E, 4-B, 5-D, 6-F

Esperamos que éste artículo os haya servido para entender cómo funciona y practicar el reading de unir títulos con párrafos. Recuerda dejar un comentario si tienes dudas o deseas añadir alguna cosa.



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