Homónimos en inglés: palabras que suenan igual pero no lo son

Homónimos en inglés

Homonyms o Hómonimos!


Ya que el Valentine’s Day está la vuelta de la esquina, aquí estamos de nuevo con una nueva entrada esta vez sobre parejas. Parejas de palabras similares en la pronunciación pero diferentes en el significado 😉 (los llamados: homónimos en inglés).

Más abajo podréis ver muchas palabras y sus significados así como un ejemplo de cada una para aprender y mejorar vuestro vocabulario de inglés.

Go for it! A por ello!

Allowed (permitido)Aloud (en voz alta)It’s not allowed to smoke.He was talking aloud in the middle of the exam.
Address (to speak to)Address (location)The president will address the nation on Friday./El presidente hablará a la nación el viernesWhat is your address? ¿Cuál es tu dirección?
Air (oxygen)Air (a lifting tune) She seemed to hover in the air with that magic trick./Ella pareció como difuminarse en el aire con ese truco de magia.The pianist played a wonderful French air./ El pianista toco una melodía bonita francesa.
Bail (fianza*)Bale (fardo)Marc was realeased from the jail since his dad paid the bail./A Marc le soltaron de la cárcel porque su padre pagó la fianza.A bale of hay feel off the truck./ Un fardo de heno se cayó del camión.
Band (a musical group)Band (a ring)There will be three band playing on Monday./ Habrá 3 bandas tocando.They exchanged wedding bands during the ceremony./ Se intercambiaron las alianzas durante la ceremonia.
Bark (a tree’s out layer)/Bark (a dog’s sounds)Oak tree has a soft bark./El árbol roble tiene una corteza blanda.My neighbour’s dog barks a lot.
Bear (oso)Bear (tolerar)I’m afraid of dogs. / Me dan miedo los perros.I can’t bear this situation anymore. / Ya no puedo tolerar esta situación..
Board (tabla de madera)Bored (aburrido)We need to change the boards of the floor.I’m bored, I want to go home.
Break (Romper, ruptura)Brake (Freno automotriz)If he breaks the rules, there is no other option but just to fire him.The driver braked when he saw the cat.
Can (lata de sopa)Can (poder)Open a can of soup. / Abre una lata de sopa.can swim very fast. / Puedo nadar muy rápido.
Cell (célula)Sell (vender) A whole organism is born from a single cell. / Todo un organismo nace de una única célula.I want to sell my house. / Quiero vender mi casa.
Compliment (cumplido)Complement (complemento)I am not very used with compliments.The complement of orange is blue.
Coarse (aspero/grosero)Course This dog has a very coarse tongue.The ship’s course went straight.
Current (up to date)Current (flow of water)What is the current temperature?That tiver has a strong current.
Die (morir)Dye (teñir) He’s afraid to die. / Teme morir.I’ll dye my shirt black. / Teñiré mi camisa de negro.
Dew (rocío)Due (planificado para una determinada fecha)The grass was moist by the dew. / La hierba estaba húmeda por el rocío.The essay is due tomorrow. / El ensayo debe ser entregado mañana.
Eye (ojo)I (yo) She has black eyes. / Tiene ojos negros.I live here. / Yo vivo aquí.
Fair (equitable)Fair (beautiful)The union made a fair decision about salaries.Her fair hair and pale skin reminds me of Erika.
 For ( por – para)Four (Cuatro)The small fork is for the salad.An yean has four seasons.
Gait (andar)Gate Puerta/verja)I like Mr. Smith elegant gait. / Me gusta el andar elegante del Sr. Smith.Always remember to lock the garden gate. / Recuerda siempre cerrar la puerta del jardín.
Heal (curar)Heel (talón/tacón) This herb will heal you. / Esta hierba te curará.I broke the heel of my shoe. / Se me rompió el tacón de mi zapato.
HereHearCome here!Did you hear that noise?
Lead(plomo)Lead (guiar)The screen is made of lead. / La pantalla está hecha de plomo.I will lead you to your room. / Lo guiaré a su habitación.
Lie (to recline)Lie (to tell a falsehood)After work Mary likes to lie and read a book.She lied so many times that I cannot trust her again.
Light (luz)Light ligera)I will turn on the light. / Encenderá la luz.This fabric is very light. / Esta tela es muy ligera.
Live (vivir)Live (en vivo)I live across the street. / Vivo cruzando la calle.We are broadcasting live from New York. / Estamos transmitiendo en vivo desde Nueva York.
Main (principal)Mane (melena)This is the main door. / Este es el problema principal.The lion’s mane is beautiful. / La melena del león es hermosa.
Match (to pair like items)Match (a stick for making a flame)For this game you need to mach each card.These matches are wet and do not work.
Mean (malvado)Mean (significar)She’s a mean witch. / Es una bruja malvada.What does this word mean? / ¿Qué significa esta palabra?
Our (nuestro) Hour (hora)This is our house. / Esta es nuestra casa.I’ll be ready in an hour. / Estaré listo en una hora
Peace (paz, tranquilidad)Piece (pedazo, trozo) Mom sister went to her room for some peace.I am going to cut this watermelon in small pieces for you.
Pole (polo)Pole (polaco)Por ejemplo, North Pole, South Pole / polo norte, polo sur.My grandfather was Pole. / Mi abuelo era polaco.
Pound (unit of weight)Pound (to beat) Now, the pound is strong against the euro.I’ve been running so fast that my heart is pounding so much! Uff!
Pray (rezar)Prey (víctima)I will pray for his recovery. / Rezaré por su recuperación.The lion atacks its prey. / El león ataca a su víctima.
Queue (fila)Cue (señal de entrada o inicio)I’m in the queue at the supermarket, wait for me.You have to start singing when you hear the cue.
Kind (type)Kind (caring) There are so many colours to choose among.She is a kind person. I love her!
Know (saber)No (no) Did you know about Jules Verne book?No, I didn’t know it.
Race (raza)Race (carrera)This is for the benefit of the human race. / Esto es para beneficio de la raza humana.I’m training for the running race. / Estoy entrenando para la carrera.
Rain (lluvia)Reign (reino, reinado) I think it will rain today. / Creo que hoy lloverá.His reign lasted twenty years. / Su reinado duró veinte años.
Ream (a pile of paper)ream (to juice a citrus fruit)


Please, order 5 reams of paper.


Rose (to have gotten up)/Rose (a flower) The price of raisins rose significantely from the last time.What women does not like to receive a rose?
Root (raíz)Route (recorrido)This tree has strong roots. / Este árbol tiene raíces fuertes.The horse knows the route home. / El caballo conoce el trayecto a casa.
Soul (alama)Sole (suela) His soul went to heaven. / Su alma fue al cielo.I have to repair the sole of my shoe. / Tengo que reparar la suela de mi zapato.
Stationary (not moving)stationery (writing materials)The clown got out from the stationary car.This store sells all kinds of stationery such as pens, paper and glue.
Stare (gaze fixedly)Stair (signle step) The little boy stared at me so I blushed.My cousin sit on the staris waiting for my uncle.
Vain (vanidoso)Vein (vena)I don’t like vain people. / No me gusta la gente vanidosa.She’s so pale you can see the vains in her face. / Es tan pálida que pueden verse las venas de su rostro.
To (A/hacia)Two (2)

too (also)

 I go to the shopping center.Mark has two twin sisters.

Does she want to come too?

Tender (gentle)/tender (to pay money)


 Per’s wife conforted him when he lost his wallet.The company won the tender for the construction project.
There, their, they’re
Tire (to grow fatigued)/Tire (part of a wheel) The hike tired Clara so much.I need to buy two new tires for my bike.
Your/ you’re
Weather ( Clima)Whether (conjunción que presenta opciones) Today’s weather is nice. I fell so happy.Today anyone, whether rich or poor, can get the flu.

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