phrasal verbs c2

Phrasal verbs C2

Phrasal verbs C2

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Todo el equipo del Salón de idiomas está a tope con la creatividad e imaginación para crear todo tipo de material tanto para clases de inglés de conversación, nuestra especialidad, como para las clases de preparación de exámenes oficiales de inglés (Aptis General o AdvancedTrinity ISE III, CAE, EOI o el ejercicio práctico de inglés oposiciones primaria) …so, let’s get started with phrasal verbs C2 level!

Para demostrar un nivel C1 o C2 de inglés habrá que conocer y empezar a usar phrasal verbs con 3 palabras (phrasal verbs 3 words). Hoy os traemos 50 phrasal verbs nivel proficiency para vosotros, nuestros queridos lectores. ?

Si te interesa subir de nivel  Use of English C1 C2

Phrasal Verbs nivel C2:

1. Add up to (sumar un total)

Ex: Your purchases add up to 150,50 €

2. Average out at (costar un promedio/rondar)

Ex: The price of dinner averages out at 25€ per person.

3. Back out of (echarse atrás, retirarse de)

Ex: EE.UU. backed out of the Tokio agreement./Kirk backed the car out of the depot.

4. Boil down to (reducirse a)

Ex: The issue boils down to a lack of money.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

5. Be caught up in / Mixed up in (estar involucrado)

Ex: Josh got mixed up in the robbery and was sent to jail.

6. Brush up on (mejorar, repasar algo del estudio)

Ex: Sue must brush up on her Japeanse before going to Tokio.

Phrasal verbs C2 level

                                                                                                    “Wait for it… wait for it… BASS DROP.”

7. Catch up on (ponere al día)

Ex: I must call my sister to catch up on the latest family events.»

8. Catch up with (alcanzar, pillar a)

Ex: You go ahead. I’ll have to work hard to catch up with the others.»

9. Come up with (inventarse, conseguir)

Ex: I’ll come up with a brilliant idea.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

10. Come up against (tropezar con, topar con)

Ex: The plan to demolish the old bridge came up against a lot of criticism.

11. Clamp down on (restringir, reprimir a)

Ex: The city is clamping down on gang violence.

12. Cut down on  (reducir el consumo de)

Ex: The local authorities have decided to cut down on illegar chinease store.

13. Drop / Pop in on (hacer una visita corta)

Ex: I´ll drop in on you on my way home and we can have a nice cup of tea.

14. Fall back on (contar con el apoyo de alguien/algo)

Ex: We were lucky to have some tinned food to fall back on.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

15. Get along with (llevarse bien con alguien)

Ex: It’s important to get along with your boss.

16. Get on with something (continuar, hacer progreso)

Ex: Get on with the hard job.

17. Get on well with somebody (llevarse bien con)

Ex. Mr. Johnsons does not get on very well with his colleagues.

18. Get out of (escaparse de, librase de)

Ex: Hugh is trying to get out of working the night shift.

19. Get rid of (deshacerse de, librarse de)

Ex: It’s difficult to get rid of old habits.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

20. Get round to (encontrar tiempo para hacer algo)

Ex: I never seem to be able to get round to keeping up with the work pace!

21. Go down with (hundirse, caer enfermo con)

Ex: The match will be difficult. Half of the team has gone down with the flu.

22. Hang on to (aferrarse a/estar pendiente de)

Ex: How long can you hang on to an impossible dream?

23. Keep up with (estar al tanto de)

Ex: Are you keeping up with the latest news?

24. Look back on (recordar)

Ex: I look back on my years of highschool and smile

Phrasal Verbs C2:

BONUS POINT: Utiliza un verbo que acaba en -ing tras este tipo de phrasal verbs con 3 partículas y tus interlocutores/examinadores quedarán sorprendidísimos con tu nivel. Por ejemplo: «In the end it all boils down to being happy.» o «I’d rather do sports with other people otherwise if I’m alone I’m likely to talk myself out of keeping on.» ?

25. Look up to (admirar a alguien)

Ex: She looks up to her sister.

26. Look down on (menospreciar)

Ex: She always looks down on anyone who is poor.

27. Look forward to (ansiar, anhelar)

Ex:  I am looking forward to my birhtday.

28. Live up to (cumplir con las expectativas)

Ex: I study a lot to live up to my parents expectations.

29. Make fun of (burlarse de, tomar el pelo)

Ex: The comedian tried to make fun of the man wearing glasses.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

30.  Make do with (conformarse con, arreglárselas)

Ex: There were no chairs to sit on so we had to make do with a pile of boxes.

31. Make off with (robar, escapar con)

Ex: A young man made off with my briefcase while I was checking the timetable.»

32. Make oneself out (to be) (hacerse pasar por)

Ex: In an attempt to find more details, he made himself out to be an undercover policeman .

33. Make up for (recuperar, compensar)

Ex: If I work longer the next few days I can make up for the time I was off.

34. Opt out (of) (excluirse a uno mismo de)

Ex: I enjoy volleyball but I’m so busy I had to opt out of the tournament.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

35. Put (yourself) out (molestarse por/tomarse la molestia de)

Ex: Please don’t put yourself out for us!

36. Put (someone) up (hospedar a alguien)

Ex: I have a free couch so I can put you up if you’d like to come for a couple of days.

37. Put up with (tolerar)

Ex: She puts up with a lot from her husband.

38. Run out of (quedarse sin) 

Ex: What a nuisance! We’ve run out of salt.

39. Run up against (enfrentarse a los problemas)

Ex: Joan D’Arc ran up against strong religious morals back in that century.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

40. Sign up for (apuntarse a)

Ex: Riley signed up for a promotion on Instagram.

41. Sign up with (firmar un acuerdo de trabajar para alguien)

Ex: Paul has signed up with a new football club.

42. Single somebody out (darle un trato especial a alguien)

Ex: Two of the boys were singled out for extra coaching.

43. Stand up for  (defender algo o a alguien)

Ex: You need to stand up for your rights!

44. Stay away from (alejarse de)

Ex: Stay away from me, I’ve got measles.

NOTE:  A parte de phrasal verbs de nivel C2 incluye en tu speaking otros elementos decorativos de nivel C2 como pasivas de nivel avanzado o intensificadores en inglés y así tendrás un combo perfecto para un C2 estupendo. ?

45. Stick (something) out (tolerar, aceptar, continuar)

Ex: Lunch with my gin-laws was boring but I had to stick it out– I had no choice!

46. Take care of (cuidar a alguien/algo)

Ex: Please take care of my cat when I’m away.

47. Talk down to (hablar con altanería)

Ex: My sister hates when her teacher talks down to her.

48. Talk out of (disuadir a alguien de)

Ex: Her parents tried to talk Amy out of leaving her job.

49. Tear away from (salir corriendo)

Ex: I got so angry I tore away from the flat.

Phrasal Verbs C2:

50. Veer away from (evitar, apartarse)

Ex: Whenever I meet a false person I veer away from them.

Hasta aquí nuestro listado de phrasal verbs nivel proficiency. ¿Te ha gustado? ¿Añadirías algo más? Si quieres descubrir más material útil para exámenes oficiales o para ese speaking y writing que necesitas preparar, take a look at our social networks!
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