Aptis Grammar Exercises

Aptis Grammar Exercises

Aptis Grammar Exercises

Hi there, estudiantes Aptis:

Hoy os traemos una batería de 100 Aptis Grammar Exercises, o lo que es lo mismo, un montón de ejercicios de Aptis General y Advanced para practicar on-line. Es decir, que vais a encontrar aquí varios exámenes Aptis de Grammar para que tengáis deberes a parte todo el material Aptis que podéis ver en nuestros cursos intensivos presenciales u online. Are you ready?


100 Aptis Grammar Exercises


Los 100 ejercicios que os dejamos (por cierto, tenéis las respuestas más abajo) son una combinación de exámenes Aptis de gramática donde podéis elegir la opción correcta o rellenar con la palabra correspondiente. Os recomendamos que echéis un vistazo a algún libro de gramática si estáis con dudas en cuanto a usos concretos del inglés. Sino, podéis probar nuestras clases de inglés enfocadas en speaking y use of English donde toda la gramática que habéis estudiado a lo largo de la vida la pondréis en práctica y la integraréis en vuestro inglés.

Sin más dilación, let’s get started! Here you go! 100 Aptis grammar exercises:

A continuación, elige la opción correcta (algunas de 3, tras de 4 opciones) o rellena con la palabra correspondiente.
  1. When/Where/While/ __________ there is a will, there is a way.
  2. My aunt would like to have my photos taken ______ when/which/where there are mountains and rivers.
  3. Of all the queries, the last one is the __________least/much/less troublesome.
  4. The art exhibition is __________worthy a visit/worthy of a visit/worth of a visit.
  5. The more I looked at the picture, _________the less/the best/the most I liked it.
  6. Has Susan ever _______ at a karaoke before? (sing)
  7. Why has the flywheel ______  around? (spin)
  8. Hundred/Hundreds/Six hundreds________ of people sat quietly in the hall.
  9. Dr. Smith wrote a __________seven-thousand-words/seven-thousands-word/seven-thousand-word report.
  10. My cousin is quite good ______in/at/with painting.
  11. I don’t think Louie can finish the work __________into/without/unless my help.
  12. Her suggestion sounded reasonable/unreasonably/reasonably/ well__________, but nobody agreed to it.
  13. Your house looks smaller than mine because it is __________much farther/more farther/more far/more further away from us.
  14. October 12, 1492 is the day __________when/in which/that all the Spaniards should remember.
  15. We have no choice but just to give him a warning ________ that/if/whether/ he likes it or not.

  16. Seeing the road ______blocked/to be blocked/being blocked with snow, my parents and I had to spend the holiday at home, playing boarding games.
  17. The culprit __________were/was/is sent to the jail at once.
  18. The Galápagos Islands  __________is/are/was/ in the Pacific Ocean.
  19. His family __________are/is/is be sitting outside enjoying the sights.
  20. Neither his brother nor his sister __________work/works/working in the post office.
  21. The principal together with the teachers _______have/has/has been discussed the matter.
  22. One and a half week __________are/is/can  what I need.
  23. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ______were found/were founded/was found in 1949.
  24. Politics ______is/are/is been a subject taught in all law schools.
  25. A number of children __________is/are/have being playing on the playground.
  26. The number of citizens who own electric cars __________ is/are/has increasing.
  27. I asked my sister if …… she had buy/had bought/bought …… a bottle of perfume for me at the duty free shop.
  28. I had never seen it before, and ……despite/yet/just/even …… I knew exactly what to do.
  29. Don’t get off the train until it ___________will stop/stop/has stopped.
  30. We’ll go out for dinner when our work __________has done/has been done/ is done.

  31. By the time he was 28, Tesla __________would move/had moved/moved to America.
  32. Ana Cristina __________had learned/had been learned/has learned some English before she came to the U.S
  33. She didn’t go to see the movie granted that she _________saw/have seen/had seen it twice.
  34. Last year my grandpa promised that he _______will buy/would buy/bought__ me a new bike.
  35. Sue looks so tired. I am wondering, what ________have/do/has she ___________do/done/been doing these days?
  36. Our Geography teacher told us that the earth ________would turn/turns/was turning__ around the sun, no the other way around.
  37. If you don’t have a screw, a hammer _________would do/does/will do.
  38. Mark __________has bought/has had/has got his house for ten years.
  39. If you’re driving to the city center, can you give me a _____hand/seat/ride?
  40. Three of Robert’s children were at the party, including ____the old/the oldest/an old one, Luke.
  41. Just to piss me off, after telling him what to do, my son____may/can/must/shall go and do the other way round!
  42. – Thanks for the lovely dinner and the drive home. – _____. Never mind/All right/My pleasure.
  43. The Maths teacher understands that _____since/although/when Maths has always been a piece of cake for him, it is not easy for his pupils.
  44. The silence of the funeral _____breaks/broke/was broken only by the sound of the cries.
  45. – Your coffee smells excellent!- It’s from Colombia. Would you like _____it/some/a piece?

  46. We need to clear away these tables to make _____place/space/room for our guests.
  47. I wish I ______had/had had/have a chance to talk with you about my master’s thesis before you left.
  48. The chair is made ______from/of/by wood.
  49. I have known Mary ______during/from/since her childhood.
  50. Kids should be polite ______with/to/for the elderly.
  51. North America is _________ third _________ continent in the world?  a — large/ the — large/the — largest
  52. The meeting lasted for _______ hour and ______ half. an — a/ a — a/ a — an
  53. Would you go to school ______ foot or ______ bike? on — by/on a — by a/   on the — by the
  54. That/Whether/Until______ he returns, nothing can be done.
  55. Life without friends ______but/or/and families would be lonely.
  56. Whoever/Whatever/Wherever_________ happens, we’ll continue with the experiment.
  57. You used to stay up late at night, _____usen’t you/use not you/didn’t you?
  58. You’ve been late three times. You ______had better not to be/had better not/hadn’t better be late again.
  59. He ______ is afraid/is afraid of/dares not speak English in public.
  60. Unless/Even/Without_________ he comes, we won’t be able to go.

100 Aptis Grammar Exercises : first block of answers

where; 2. where; 3. least; 4. worthy of a visit; 5. the less; 6. sung; 7. spun; 8. hundreds; 9. seven-thousand-word 10. at; 11. without; 12. reasonable; 13.     much farther         14. that; 15. whether; 16. blocked; 17. was   18. are; 19. is; 20. works; 21. have; 22. is 23. was found 24. is; 25. is  26. is  27. had bought  28.  yet 29. has stopped: 30. is done; 31. had seen; 32. had moved; 33. had seen; 34. would buy; 35. have been doing; 36. turns; 37. will do 38. has had; 39. a ride: 40. the oldest.  41. may 42. never mind 43. altough 44. was onlye broken 45. some 46. room 47. had had; 48. of; 49. since; 50. to; 51. the—largest; 52. an—a; 53. on — by; 54. Until; 55. or; 56. whatever; 57. didin’t you?; 58. had better not be; 59. dare not; 60. Unless.
A contiuación, los siguientes cuarenta ejercicios. Yes, you can!

Choose the correct option: A, B or C.


  • A. When are you going to go out?
  • B. When going out are we?
  • C. When do we go out?


  • A. If you wouldn’t tell me that, I’ll scream!
  • B. If you don’t tell me that, I’ll scream!
  • C. If you didn’t tell me that, I’ll scream!

63. – ……………………………? Yes, just now

  • A. Did you finish your assignment?
  • B. Have you finished your assignment?
  • C. Have you got finished your assignment?


  • A. When we finish the gardening, we’ll have a limonade.
  • B. When we’ve finished the gardening, we’ll have a limonade.
  • C. When the gardening finishes, we’ll have a limonade.


  • A. Ann asked the shop assistant to have a refund.
  • B. Ann asked the shop assistant to give a refund.
  • C. Ann asked the shop assistant for a refund.


  • A. He’s never been to Rome.
  • B. He’s never gone to Rome.
  • C. He’s gone often to Rome.


  • A. You must have drink something!
  • B. You must have drinking!
  • C. You must have been drinking!


  • A. Are you studied Japanese before?
  • B. Are you studying Japanese before?
  • C. Have you studied Japanese before?

69…………………… ! Thank you, that’s very kind

  • A. I do that for you!
  • B. I could do that!
  • C. I can to make that for you!

70………………….. ? Yes, in the Autumn

  • A. Are you going to school?
  • B. Are you going to go to school?
  • C. Do you like schoool?


  • A. Bicycles are widely used in Gent.
  • B. Bicycles use widely in Gent.
  • C. Bicycles are in use widely in Gent.


  • A. How long is it from Beijing to Shanghai?
  • B. How far is it from Beijing to Shanghai?
  • C. How much is it from Beijing to Shanghai?


  • A. My boyfriend and I am use having some tea and muffins for  breakfast
  • B. My boyfriend and I am used to have some tea and muffins for breakfast
  • C. My boyfriend and I usually have some tea and muffins for breakfast

74. Richard told her that…

  • A. He would love her forever.
  • B. He loved her forever
  • C. He is loving her forever.


  • A. She’s doing so much effort. She’s trying to eat a more healthy diet
  • B. She’s doing so much effort. She tries to eat a more healthy diet
  • C. She’s doing so much effort. She’s trying to eat a healthier diet


  • A. Juliette got her purse snatched.
  • B. Juliette had her purse snatched
  • C. Juliette’s handbag had snatched.


  • A. This time tomorrow, I am in Montreal
  • B. This time tomorrow, I am being in Montreal
  • C. This time tomorrow, I will be in Montreal.


  • A. I work tomorrow afternoon.
  • B. I don’t working tomorrow afternoon.
  • C. I’m working tomorrow afternoon.


  • A. Sam’s probably lost her number
  • B. Sam’s lost her number, probably
  • C. Probably, Sam’s lost her number


  • A. That postcard should have arrived by now
  • B. That postcard should to have arrived by now
  • C. That postcard should be arrived by now


  • A. What do you think we’ll be doing in 10  years’ time?
  • B. What do you think we’re doing in 10 years’ time?
  • C. What do you think we do in 10 years’ time?


  • A. I didn’t do that if I were you
  • B. I wouldn’t do that if I were you
  • C. I wouldn’t do that if I was you


  • A. I usually to live in Lima, but now I live in Oslo.
  • B. I used to live in Lima, but now I live in Oslo.
  • C. I am used to live in Lima, but now I live in Oslo.


  • A. It’s just not worth to get involved
  • B. It’s just not worth getting involved
  • C. It’s just not worth to involve myself.


  • A. You didn’t use to bite your lips, did you?
  • B. You usen’t to bite your lips, did you?
  • C. You aren’t used to bite your lips, did you?


  • A. He looked tired, provided that he had worked all day
  • B. He looked tired, provided that he had been working all day
  • C. He looked tired, provided that he had working all day


  • A. To my mind, you might have told me!
  • B. To my mind, you might tell me.
  • C. To my mind,you might to have told me!


  • A. At this rate, Sue and Pam will never be here on time
  • B. At this rate, Sue and Pam are never here on time
  • C. At this rate, Sue and Pam are never going here on time.


  • A. She’s so friendly a woman!
  • B. She’ s such  a friendly  woman!
  • C. She’s a so friendly woman!


  • A. I was told the meeting was next Saturday
  • B. I am said the meeting was next Saturday
  • C. I told to them the meeting was next Saturday


  • A. I think the show is about starting now.
  • B. I think the show is about in start now.
  • C. I think the show is about to start now.


  • A. You would have heard the news yet
  • B. You won’t have heard the news yet
  • C. You will have heard the news yet


93. What do you think…… ten years from now?

  • A. Louise’ll do
  • B. Louise ‘ll be doing
  • C. Louise are doing


  • A. That’s a small baroque round wooden table.
  • B. That’s a baroque small round wooden table.
  • C. That’s a baroque round wooden small table.

95. ………………….. but then they forgot

  • A. My parents were going to call me
  • B. My parents were thinking of call me
  • C. My parents were calling me

96. ……………. my cousin got to the train station, the train had left

  • A. At the time
  • B. In time
  • C. By the time


  • A. I told you. You haven’t to do that, you know
  • B. I told you. You didn’t have to do that, you know
  • C. I told you. You didn’t must do that, you know


  • A. The kids were looking after by my aunt.
  • B. The kids looked after by my aunt.
  • C. The kids were being looked after by my mother

99. … what do you think?

  • A. I’ve just been done at the hairdressers,
  • B. I’ve just cut my hair at the hairdressers,
  • C. I’ve just been to the hairdressers,

100. If I had known you were coming…

  • A. I have bought a cake
  • B. I would have bought a cake
  • C. I will buy a cake

100 Aptis Grammar Exercises : 2nd block of answers

 61. A; 62. B; 63. B; 64. A; 65. A; 66.A; 67.C; 68.C; 69.B; 70. A; 71. A; 72. B; 73. C; 74. A; 75. C; 76. B; 77. C; 78. A; 79.A; 80. A; 81. A; 82. B; 83. B; 84. B; 85. A; 86. A; 87. A; 88. A; 89.B; 90. A; 91. C; 92. B; 93. B; 94. A; 95. A; 96. C; 97. B; 98.C; 99. C; 100. B

Y por último, comprueba esas respuestas a ver si has acertado todas.

Hasta aquí los Aptis Grammar Exercises. Descubre nuestros cursos intensivos Aptis donde puedes practicar todas las habilidades del examen con material ceñido a la prueba real.

  • JJGS
    Posted at 12:37h, 12 enero Responder

    Buenos días, ¿la 65 no sería la C? Ask for something, it means that you want someone to give you something. Gracias.

    • SalonR
      Posted at 16:08h, 07 febrero Responder


      A nivel gramatical es válida también por lo que podría ser válida también. Eso sí, hay una diferencia de connotación. «Ask for Something» es pedirle algo a alguien. «Ask somebody to do something» significa «pedirle a alguien que haga algo» e implica más demanda que «ask for».

  • Hanna Sadowska
    Posted at 16:46h, 20 enero Responder

    4.worth of a visit
    5.the less/the most
    13.more further
    23.was found
    27.had bought/bought
    30.is done
    31.would move
    32.had leaarned
    34.will buy
    35.has she been doing
    36.was turning
    38.has had
    40.an old one
    42.My pleasure
    44.was broken
    51.the third largest
    52.an 53.on or by
    57.didn’t you
    58.had better not to be
    59. is afraid of

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