vocabulario ingles avanzado

Vocabulario avanzado en Inglés (+ejemplos)

Vocabulario en inglés avanzado

Hoy vas a aprender vocabulario inglés avanzado para mejorar tu  Speaking o Writing tanto en clases de inglés general como en las clases de preparación de exámenes oficiales (véase, Aptis General y Aptis Advanced). Te ayudarán a comprender mejor los textos de Reading o entender en totalidad los Listenings. Esto principalmente va dirigido para todos aquellos estudiantes, maestros u opositores que se quieren presentar algún examen oficial de inglés y conseguir el C1 o C2. Anyhow let’s get started!
Vamos a empezar con las personalities y sus adjetivos como sophisticated…aprended algunos de ellos antes que nada para que no os pille el toro por sorpresa por ejemplo en el Aptis General Speaking Part.

1. Vocabulario inglés avanzado sobre «personalidades en inglés (personalities


  • ambitious: having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed
  • cynical: seeing little or no good in others, selfish and dishonest in a way that shows no concern about treating other people fairly
  • eccentric: tending to act in strange or unusual ways
  • egotistical: considering oneself better than others
  • irritating:  annoying, bothersome
  • picky: hard to please, too careful in choosing something
  • sophisticated: having or showing a lot of experience/knowledge about the world and about culture, literature, etc.
  • thoughtful: considerate; showing concern for the needs or feelings of other people

¿Os habéis percatado que la definición de un adjetivo comienza por otro adjetivo o un gerundio? Tenlo presente si tienes que definir palabras en tu examen oficial, como en el ejercicio práctico de inglés Oposiciones maestros.

También en algún speaking Aptis Advanced modelo real habría que hablar sobre high education. Alguna palabra de este vocabulario seguro que os servirá para hacer un ejercicio digno del C1.


2. Enseñanza superior (high education)

  • apprenticeship: training in an art/ a trade (used to describe educational training programs, common in Europe and much of the world) 
  • to be funded: to be paid for, to supply the money for
  • to major: to specialize in (a particular academic field)
  • a major: the main field of study in which a university students specialize
  • to minor: to have a secondary specialization in (a particular academic field)
  • a minor: the secondary field of study in which a student specializes
  • Ph.D.: doctorate, highest graduate degree.

Si por ejemplo te preguntan en un examen oficial de inglés qué es lo que más te interesa estudiar, podrías decir que estas interesad@ en aerospace industry. Seguro que más de uno se quedará open-mouthed (boquiabierto)….


3. Industria aeroespacial (aerospace industry)

  • aerospace: an industry that deals with travel in and above the Earth’s atmosphere
  • controversy: argument/debate about something
  • to coordinate: to bring people together so they can work more efficiently or effectively
  • to foster: to encourage (something) to grow or develop
  • a liaison: a person who works as a representative or connection between two or more companies, agencies, groups, countries, etc.
  • a mission:  the purpose for which a person or thing is sent; a special military or technical project
  • a probe:  a machine sent to explore or check an area
  • a stepping-stone: something that helps you get or achieve something
  • a venture:  a project or course of action which involves risk or danger

…y volviendo a la realidad 🙂 por si de casualidad estás pensando en changing jobs y getting an apartment, este léxico puede sacarte de cualquier imprevisto para que your mind has not gone blank (que tu mente no se quede en blanco).


3. Cambio de trabajo


  • competitive: liking competition, always competing with other people used to describe personalities (used to describe markets, industries or businesses)
  • dedicated: very loyal; working hard for a  company/idea
  • to be bought out: to be purchased, taken over by another company
  • to be laid off: to lose your job because the company wants to reduce the number of employees
  • to retrain: to reeducate someone for a job, train again
  • to streamline: to improve the performance of something; to simplify a process


4. Vocabulario avanzado en inglés para «conseguir un piso»


  • an application: a written request for an apartment, a job or entrance into a school or an organization
  • a credit report: a complete history of a person’s paying habits
  • a deposit: to put money in a bank
  • to fill out: to complete (a form) by writing in the information
  • a landlord/landlady: the man/woman who runs an apartment building or property
  • to sublet: to rent your apartment temporarily to someone else
  • a tenant: a person who is renting a room or apartment

Aún después de haber pensado tanto en el trabajo y buscar un piso, puede que ya te haya entrado hambre y decides go to the grocery shop/store para comprar lo necesario…


5. En el supermercado


  • a bill: a request for payment
  • to deduct: to take away, subtract (an amount of money)
  • a discount: a reduction in the cost of a product
  • to issue: to officially give out or print
  • pressed for time: (idiom) in a hurry
  • to swipe: to put a card through a computerized machine quickly so it can scan the information (use this word with ATM cards, credit cards)

…no sin antes acordarte de ese artículo comprado y que no te vale por lo que el léxico de returns and refunds son necesarios para saber comunicarte bien.


6. Devoluciones y reembolsos


  • to carry: to offer a particular item for sale
  • a defect: a technical problem, a flaw, a mistake in construction
  • exchange: to change one item for another
  • a policy: a plan or course of action in business or government which is regularly followed
  • to refund: to return money which a person paid for a product or service
  • to ship: to send something large through the mail
  • store credit: a credit given to a customer which can be used to buy a new product
  • a warranty: a guarantee given by a company which ensures that the product they sell is well made

También piensas en ese hiking que tenías planeado para el fin de semana junto a tus amigos.


7. Hiking / Trekking


Vocabulario inglés avanzado

  • altitude sickness: an illness caused from being at high elevations
  • a canteen: a container used for carrying drinking water
  • dehydration: a physical condition caused by not drinking enough water
  • gear: equipment used for a particular purpose (camping, fishing, etc.)
  • to hike: to go on a walk through nature for pleasure/exercise
  • a porter: a person who carries gear and supplies on a trek
  • a ranger: a person who is employed to take care of a national park
  • trail: a path (through forest, grass, sand) created when many people or animals walk back and forth over the same area
  • trek: a journey over a great distance

Lo hablasteis la semana pasada en el coffee house donde hubo mucho humor entre todos vosotros, sin olvidar las opiniones que todos compartisteis sobre todas esas entertaining films. 


8. Cafeterías


  • to appeal to: to attract or interest (a certain group of people)to blendV. to combine, mix together
  • to chat: to talk in a friendly, informal way/ a chat:  an informal discussion
  • decaf: without caffeine, with reduced caffeine
  • a fad: a trend, a short-term interest
  • to hang out: to spend time at a place (just being with friends)
  • overpriced: costing too much money
  • to pop up: to suddenly appear
  • to sip: to slowly drink
  • trendy: too fashionable


9. Humor

  • to crack up:  to laugh uncontrollably
  • dry: not obvious, subtle (sense of humor)
  • to giggle: to laugh a little without opening your mouth very much
  • to kid: to make jokes
  • a stand-up comedian: a person who entertains by telling humorous stories and jokes (usually live)
  • silly: funny in a slightly stupid way;
  • twisted: using sick or disgusting things in a humorous way
  • witty: funny in an intelligent way


10. Películas de entretenimiento


  • artsy: extremely artistic, overly artistic, too artistic
  • entertaining: something which entertains; amusing and interesting
  • hilarious: something which is very funny; something which makes you laugh
  • intense: 1) containing strong emotions or feelings 2) extreme
  • mainstream: something which is usual, or commonly done
  • suspenseful:  something which makes you keep guessing or makes you question how something will end
  • thought-provoking: something which makes you think used to describe many different things, such as movies, books, conversations, ideas, issues, etc.

¡Ah!, sin olvidar el cambio de opiniones en cuanto a la política, las presidential elections que van a haber pronto y fueron anunciadas en TV.


11. Presidential Elections


  • to abandon: to leave something behind; to give something up
  • to back: to give support to
  • a ballot: the piece of paper you write your vote on
  • a campaign: 1) the process of trying to get oneself (or someone else) elected 2) an attempt or series of attempts to achieve a goal
  • to cast (a ballot): to put (your ballot) in the ballot box
  • connections: social relationships which allow you certain opportunities; someone who helps you to get a job, raise money etc.
  • a debate: formal argument on a controversial topic
  • to elect: to choose someone to be a leader through a democratic votean
  • election: the process of choosing a leader through a democratic vote
  • to run for president: to campaign to be president, to try to become president
  • vote: to formally express one’s choice in writing or by raising one’s hand; to make one’s choice in an election


12. TV

Vocabulario inglés avanzado

  • a couch potato: a lazy person who sits around all day watching TV
  • to kick back:  to sit in a big comfortable chair or lie on a couch and relax
  • prime-time:  between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM every night
  • a sitcom: called also situation show; a show that is on TV regularly and that is about a group of characters who are involved in different funny situations
  • trials and tribulations:  problems and difficulties of life
  • trivia:  unimportant facts or details

Fuente vocabulario: https://www.englishpage.com/vocabulary/interactivelesson4.html

That is all friends!

Hoy habéis visto mucho vocabulario de inglés avanzado so you can’t complain (no os podéis quejar) así que let’s call it quits (apaga y vámonos).

Un saludo

El súper equipo del Salón de idiomas 😉

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